Saturday, September 24, 2011


Since nobody's commented on my posts lately I've been forced to make some rather life-changing decisions on my own. These include (but are not limited to): Being The Joker for Halloween (I've made up my mind officially as of now), keeping the new font over the old font for my headings and starting a vlog. I already have a Youtube channel set up under Chance of Raine. This is where I run into some "issues"...
 1st of all: I'm not going to be able to start making these videos until at least December 5th when I may or may not get a decent camera for my birthday.
 And 2ndly: Theme music!
Theme music may not seem like a big issue, but it is. At least to me. Ever since I was little I've always made up theme music in my head to what I was doing. Example: I'm playing in  the dirt because dirt's my friend and now I'm going inside to take a shower because my mom's making me!
Now I need a real theme song for myself that's catchy, me in a nut-shell and lasts five seconds or less. For anybody who may be reading this blog and happens to be musically inclined: Please help me... I know that someone out there has to possess that talent and if you happened to find me I will be eternally grateful if you'd whip up a theme song for me!
In other news: The pumpkin patch opens in just a little over two days! I think it's going to be really fun this year...

-I'm singing in the shower because nobody can hear me which helps my self esteem!♪-

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Alice said...

I'd make a suggestion but I'm musically impaired. :P Good luck with your vlog!