Monday, July 25, 2011

The Thing about VBS

In less than an hour I'll be leading a group of ten-to-twelve-year-olds at VBS (Vacation Bible School). Basically what it is, is a Bible based couple-hours-a-day Summer camp type thing and I get to lead the older kids group! This means that I get to make them hyper and gittery and all pumped up so that they can CRUSH participate actively against the other groups there then make their parents wish they hadn't sent them later on when they go home. For the first day I'm letting them use war paint because everyone "participates" more "actively" with war paint. I wonder how many kids I'm going to have... I didn't even think about the possibility of being stuck with more than ten kids but the VBS last year had a heck of a ton more kids than that. Oh well, I'm sure that it'll be fun. I have to go so I'll finish this post when I get back home.
Almost four hours later and I'm back home. VBS was... interesting... I lead the group called the Space Cadets (Space theme) and I only had three kids (insert imaginary angry face here) and if that's not bad enough they were all related to me. We had fun but I hope people start bringing friends so I have more kids. Also, there aren't too many things to be competitive about with the other teams which is a bit disappointing... We sung songs and then we went to play our game for the day which was that we had to throw frisbees (asteroids) and try to knock over cones (spaceships). After that we made a craft which was a popcorn box wrapped in tin foil and decorated to look like a robot. After that we memorized a bible verse and then we ate snacks. Then came the fun part! All the leaders took our groups and went into the auditorium where there was "Space Man" waiting to dull two lucky kids with light sabers. The two kids who were chosen beat the crap out of Space Man! Hopefully someone from my group's chosen tomorrow. Well, I suppose I need to go do something more productive than sending my thoughts into nowhere for random somebodies to possibly stumble upon.

-All you need to be considered wise is an opinion and a group of fools waiting to hear it.-