Monday, July 18, 2011

The Thing about Beginnings

I suppose that I should start off this blog by saying something clever and witty that will grab the audience's attention and pull them in, shouldn't I? Have I succeeded? Good. Now, imagine if you will, captivated audience previously mentioned, a someone. On this particular day this someone is sitting in his room sketching assorted sketches and conversing with himself about things that don't have very much relevance other than to keep that someone entertained. Now think about how hard it is for this someone not to post those thoughts on Facebook and be known as what I'd like to call a "Frequent Updater." A Frequent Updater is a someone who will post a new post on the hour just because they feel like it and in the end begin to annoy their fellow Facebookers. A typical Frequent Updater will then presume to question why his friend list has become rather condensed lately. By writing this blog I am trying to save myself from becoming a Frequent Updater. If you feel the urge to continue reading my blog after this post then I would like to give you kudos (which happens to be one of my favorite words if you were wondering) and will make an honest attempt at making you not wish that you were a someone who hadn't spent a portion of your time reading pointless words that were generally dull and boring to read.

-Clean cup, clean cup. Move down!-