Saturday, August 13, 2011


This Summer was the shortest Summer of my life! School starts in only two short weeks but I don't suppose that's entirely a bad thing. With the end of Summer (no matter how depressing that may be) brings around Fall. In my case it's already starting to feel like Fall (anybody with me on that). I guess it started when I went to Walgreen's and there was Halloween/Autumn decor. Instantly I had the urge to go home and bake a pie, decorate, carve a pumpkin, snuggle up in a blanket, jump in a pile of leaves, etc. If you've read this blog for even just a little bit you probably know that Summer's my favorite season by default on account of that I don't have to go to school, but Fall's a close second. Another thing that you should know is that I go over-board with seasonal things and so I get impatient for seasons to change during the year. This is me in about a month:
Pumpkin carving's always fun. :)
My favorite pie's Lemon Meringue but for the sake of all things Fall-ish we'll say these are pumpkin (also a lot easier to make than Lemon Meringue).
This is me wrapped in blankets fresh from the dryer.
This is me pretending to be a dinosaur.
And I always feel like I'm missing something after decorating.
Yes I am aware that this is at Christmas
What traditions/obsessions do you have during the Fall? I'd love to know. :)
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