Friday, July 22, 2011

The Thing about F-U-N

You know, sometimes it's okay to have fun. So much fun that you could die on your way home from having fun and have absolutely no regrets simply because you had so much fun that day. That day for me was today. I had an amazing time! First we went to Denny's and I ordered this breakfast burger type thing. It was a cheeseburger that had bacon, hash browns and eggs on top of it (I got it without eggs). Off topic for a moment: I haven't had an egg in almost a year now because I always think about the bay chick that wasn't born and now I'm sitting here eating it. That's kind of like eating a chicken fetus... I almost got just egg-whites (because that was an option) but then right on the menu directly underneath the picture of the burger was a disclaimer stating that the eggs may or may not be cooked all the way and that the restaurant wasn't responsible for any illnesses that came from eating under-cooked eggs. Call me picky but I thought that was a little gross. Back on topic: The burger was so ginormous that I couldn't even fit a bite in my mouth and had to cut it and eat it with my fork. I only finished half of it and my cousin and sister ate the other half after finishing their food.

After breakfast we went and bought souvenirs and such. I think that the reason that they're so expensive is because during the Winter when there aren't tourist the shop owners still have to pay bills and none of the people who live there are going to pay for a fifteen dollar shot glass just because it says, "Pismo Beach, CA", on it. Sort of like stocking nuts for the Winter I suppose. So after that we went to the beach and played in the water which to my surprise was actually a bit warm. Well, I suppose everything's warm when your body goes numb from the cold... I made a sand castle!!! It turned out amazing and was the best sand castle that I've ever made. After that we got lunch. Interesting fact about me: I don't like sea food. It drives my dad insane when we go to the beach and I order a burger but there's just something about it that I hate unless it's swimming in lemon (*buh dump ching*). Luckily I was with my grandparents. Not that I got a burger. I got soup because I was cold. Then we went to Moro Bay and made more sand castles which turned out better than the one previously mentioned but before I dug a moat the tide came in and we had to leave. We got some salt water taffy and bought some shells and then we came home. Good day...
Question: What's the funnest thing that you've ever done in your LIFE?

-*Insert witty saying here*-