Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm back!

I haven't been posting for a while but it's okay because I'm back now! Have I been away long enough to even be "back?" Oh well... Another rant for another time. What's been happening... Let's see... Well, I've started at RPA and I'm really enjoying it. My 16th birthday is in two months, fourteen days, seven hours and forty-two minutes. I'm trying to convince everybody to pitch in twenty bucks to buy me a camera. Granted the camera's only ninety-seven bucks so if everybody pitches in twenty dollars maybe there will still be enough left over to buy something else. The pumpkin patch opens in six days, seven hours and thirty-nine minutes which makes me incredibly happy! I've narrowed my costume choices down to two options this year:
Mr Bean

 And the Joker (who looks rather dashing in this picture)

Well, as dashing a misunderstood serial killer can be...
What are your thoughts? So yup... That's kind of what's been happening lately. I have nothing else to talk about so byeeee!

-Why so... serious?-