Monday, August 1, 2011

I'll Get Word to Work!

Today I gave an absolutely amazing concert!!! To myself... In the shower... Well, I thought it was amazing (definitely a much higher standard than my normal shower singing). Here's how it went:

First off came the normal warm up songs which were a little shaky but by the end were sounding pretty good.
Then came the show tunes which I sang with slightly less enthusiasm as I realized that they would be stuck in my head for weeks to come. Nonetheless, they all sounded amazing and I'm pretty sure that I'm ready for Broadway. You know, if they ever have a show that doesn't require ENORMOUS amounts of talent...
After that were all those Charlie the Unicorn songs that are annoying but make you feel like you're high so you sing them anyway.
What happened next is the reason why you aren't supposed to stay in the shower too long.
Somebody eventually has to go to the bathroom and they flush which leaves you jumping out of the shower with third degree burns and girlish screams protruding from your pie hole. Of course after that I got back in and gave my grand finale as well as two standing ovations.

~The End~

When's the last time that you've given a full-on concert in the shower? Chances are that it's been too long and that after reading this post you'll want to just rip your clothes off and jump in the shower and sing until your lungs burst! Feel more than welcome to do that. In fact, it's encouraged. 

-Defying Gravity-

P.S. Here's a list of songs with the lyrics for you to sing along with that were included in my sketches:

Disclaimer: I (Raine Countryman) strongly discourage and will not be held responsible for any lungs that may happen to burst from singing.

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Heather Dixon said...

Hahah. Know exactly what you mean about the Charlie the Unicorn songs.