Friday, July 29, 2011

The thing about Word not starting is that you don't get the font that you usually use for the heading

Good news everybody! Off topic: Kudos to you if you get the geekish reference I opened up with today. Back on topic: Today my amazing friend Cheylynn started a blog (link here) and I would like all of everybody (yes all two of you) that reads my blog to go check it out. Pleeeaaassseee! She just did her first vlog and it's really good. Especially considering that it was her first try. She'll get better of course and as of yet I've never came to be disappointed with anything that she's ever tried at. So get over there and support her! In other news: One more day of VBS! Today everybody was exhausted but the kids all participated really well (group leaders tried to stay awake as well). Here's a video of everybody trying to stay awake through the singing!
You can't really tell but we were all really tired and the singing that you hear is mostly from the kids in the recording that the real kids are singing along to. Tomorrow will be extra fun though because all of the kids that brought a friend this last week get to do something mean to the pastor. Mwahahahahahahahaha!!! Ahem.... So anyways, VBS = Amazing and fun, In a Starburst's Life = Amazing and interesting. I need to get to bed. Don't want to be asleep for the last day of VBS tomorrow.

-And one last question: Which came first, the chicken or the Omelet? It was the penguin.-

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