Monday, November 21, 2011

Coffee Shop Romance

    I haven't blogged in forever. It probably mostly has to do with the fact that my f and r keys are still broken and it's quite a hassle to copy and paste every time that I need to use one of them (which is actually quite frequent).
   I just finished participating in The Grapes of Wrath and am finding myself feeling extremely grateful that the Thanksgiving holiday has started. I'm very glad that the play is over because it's kind of a sucky play/book, but at the same time there's always the feeling that a someone always gets whenever something that they've worked so hard on for so long is suddenly over and there's a big hole in their schedule. Also, I'm going to miss the people that I've spent all my time with over the last three months because they've become extended family and suddenly they aren't there. Especially a certain someone but that's not really something to blog about because I'm sure you probably frankly just don't care, do you?
    Sometimes there's days where you keep thinking of someone (you know you have them) and everything reminds you of them. You could just be walking down the street when suddenly you think to yourself, "Self, that smudge of dirt on that person's licence plate looks like that certain someone's left nostril." Oh well... Spring needs to come so everyone can be reunited via The Sound of Music. Until then there's the cast party and then the huge gap you have to wait until you get to enjoy all of their personalities and differences at once.
    I really envy the people who have their lives planned. They're going to go to this college and get such degree to do this career in some city. I think that the best plan that I have right now is to go to some art school and live my life as a typical "starving artist" in Portland. That sounds pretty decent I believe. I don't think that people realize that you don't need a ton of money to live. I think that the real problem is just that people get greedy and want a bigger house and a boat and a bunch of other stuff. In careers class we took a "reality check" quiz which told us how much money we'd need to make in a year based on where we want to live and what we want to do as a profession and a bunch of other things including all expenses right down to the food bill and student loans. You wouldn't believe how much extra money people could save if they just stuck to the basics and didn't worry about having all the bells and whistles that they wouldn't ever miss.
    Oh well, that's my rant for this post. I hope that everybody has a brilliant Thanksgiving if you live in the US and a fantastic week otherwise.

-I think that possibly maybe I'm falling or you-

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