Monday, October 17, 2011

School and such...

Let me start out be saying that this post is incredibly hard to write because my r and my f keys aren't working. But it's okay because I'm sitting in the student union listening to the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack because it's amazing and despite the frigid weather makes me very happy. I would next like to say that I thoroughly enjoy Redmond Proficiency Academy. There couldn't possibly be a better school. Are you happy? Whoever you are? I hope you are. If not here's a little something to cheer you up:
 (Story of my life)
Did that work? I hope so. Anyways, I need to be doing homework. Have an amazing day!

-On either sides the river lie long fields of barley and of rye-


Skeleto Hysteria said...

Yes, that did help make my day, despite the figgin freezing coldness that not only dominates the atmosphere outside by school building, but inside as well.

Raine Countryman said...

Phew! Glad to know that somebody gets something out of the posts. :)