Thursday, August 4, 2011

Halloween planning (because it's not too far away)

Fist off, I'm watching Sesame Street and Ernie claims that nobody likes six to Bert when Bert says that 6 is his favorite number. Six is my favorite number! Am I starting to be as anal as Bert and is it pathetic to be comparing myself to a Muppet? So back to what I was originally going to post on. Halloween is in exactly two months, twenty-five days, nine hours and forty-three minutes. That's not too far away! Time to start planning. Last year I was the Mad Hatter based on the Lewis Carroll/Disney version:
I always make my own costumes so I have to start planning early. I'm going with two options as of right now. 
First: Tim Burton/Johnny Depp Mad Hatter:
I like this one because of the theatricality/complexity of everything and I think that I could pull it off quite nicely.
Second: Chimney Sweep (I can't find a picture that I like on Google so here's a drawing):
Don't pay attention to the hands because I suck at hands.
So, which do you think (because your opinions matter)?

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Alice said...

I prefer the chimney sweep. Not only does he look cooler but, as an Alice in Wonderland purest, I have a thing against Burton's rendition. :P

Raine Countryman said...

Actually I thoroughly can't stand the Burton version but the costume's fun and theatrical and really complex so it's kind of like a challenge.