Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Thing about Halloween

In exactly two months, twelve days, seven hours and twelve minutes it will be the best holiday to take place this year: Halloween! That's a matter of my opinion of course, however I'm sure that it has to be the opinion of a large amount of other somebodies as well which makes it more like a theory rather than just opinion. Off topic for a second: I've always thought that opinion had two Ps... And back on topic: I can't think of a single thing that I don't like about Halloween. Well, the holiday itself. Not so much the commercial aspect of cheesey lawn ornaments and cotton spiderwebs that never stay up for more than a week and don't ever look good anyway. It's also great that people get creative enough to completely change who they are just to be a part of the festivities! Another thing that sets Halloween apart from other holidays is the candy. During Christmas you get candy and such but you have to be good all year. Easter you get to have candy but you have to find it. Off topic: I bet the people who invented egg hunts thought it would be hilarious to make kids look everywhere for things that weren't even worth looking for. On another note, I bet it was even more hilarious for the kids when they didn't find all of the eggs and then dad found an egg in his sock drawer a couple months later. Back on topic: Halloween is the only holiday where not only do you not have to look for candy or ask for it but you get to show up at random strangers houses and demand
it. It's also one of the only times that it's acceptable to scare the crap out of small children which is always a foot-kicker. If you can think of any reason not to like Halloween leave me a comment telling me why.


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Dearmom said...

Well I don't have a reason I don't like Halloween but I still hope its ok to leave a comment:)...As you might notice that my opinion on how great it is may vary from yours but its only because I'm older and sometimes forget how fun it use to really be when I was younger. Now not only am I the one that kids demand the candy from but I'm also the one who has to try to come up with great costumes that my kids like so now its more like a chore then a holiday but thanks to your post I will try to think of it this year with youthfullness as I once did:)